Your History. In the making....


Suzanne, originally from Baltimore, moved to Richmond after her husband’s job moved them here. Working in education her whole life before becoming a real estate agent Suzanne has worked in college admissions, at a private all-girl high school in admissions, as a physical education teacher, and as a field hockey and lacrosse coach. Upon moving to Richmond she decided to pursue a career she has always been passionate about: Real Estate. She is an outgoing, confident and happy woman who wants to help others find their dream home. Her past careers have helped her to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. She is a people person and is passionate about Real Estate which makes her so excited to get to combine those two loves into one. In her free time she likes to attend Raven’s games back home in Baltimore, spend time with her family and travel to the beach. Suzanne and her husband have 4 children, two of which live in Baltimore and 2 in Virginia. She loves to play tennis and coach field hockey and lacrosse.